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Next Meeting October 7th
No September meeting - enjoy the holiday weekend!

College Park Neighborhood Association - 2019 Dues Reminder.

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College Park Neighborhood Association Dues are annual - and voluntary. The CPNA suggests an annual donation of $25 for an individual and $50 for a household. All College Park residents are encouraged to join our email list and attend CPNA meetings to learn more about the organization, neighborhood events and how to get involved.

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LULA Lake Worth Arts Website - Art / Music / Stay / Dine / Shops / Events
The mission of LULA Lake Worth Arts will unify the existing arts community around a shared vision, implement goals for strengthening the property value, improve access to the arts through educational programs, and invest in partnerships that support the talent and the creative community in Lake Worth.
LULA stands for "Lucerne and Lake"
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Neighborhood Association Presidents' Council
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City of Lake Worth Florida
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